Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers!

Why are there two different styles?

Click here for our detailed explanation.

What are WindAways Deflectors?

WindAways deflectors are made of a clear poly-carbonate known as Lexan.   Lexan boasts an impact strength 250 times greater than that of glass and 30 times greater than that of acrylic.  Lexan can also handle temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit before deforming.

WindAways deflectors, when properly installed, will deflect wind, rain and bugs, up and over the driver and front cockpit seat passenger, making it possible to carry on a conversation in an almost normal tone.  They have been tested at 75 mph with no problems reported.

What type of windshields will they fit?

They will fit most any framed or unframed windshield up to 1" thick.  They will work on most straight, slightly curved or lipped windshields, such as bass, pontoon, center console, family/ski and low profile high performance style boats.  They will NOT work on big rounded curve windshields.

How do they attach?

The deflectors use a non adjustable mounting bracket.  Once configured for your particular style of windshield, they slide on and are tightened with knobs to secure them.

Is any drilling required?

No.  There are no holes to drill.  The deflectors use a non adjustable clamping bracket to hold the deflectors in place.

What sizes are available?

All deflectors are 8" tall.  Standard width is 18", but widths of 24", 30", and 36" are available by special order.

Is there more than one type of mounting bracket?

Yes!  There are a total of eight different bracket configurations.  Four, for different windshield thicknesses, and each of those are available in two style configurations.  The Cruiser style bracket will put the deflector in an upright position.  The Sport style bracket will put the deflector directly inline with your existing windshield. Click this link for more detailed information: Cruiser or Sport configuration.

Can I buy the replacement brackets only and make my own wind deflectors?

No. Unfortunately, for liability reasons, we cannot sell the brackets to anyone, except our prior and current customers to replace a bracket that for some reason has become unusable. The replacement brackets are designed, specifically, to be used with our deflector. Any use of our brackets, other than with our wind deflectors is not authorized and we cannot be responsible. Our wind deflectors are time tested and we stand behind them 100%.

Are they available in any colors other than clear?

Yes.  While we recommend the clear screens for the best visibility, we will offer them in a medium smoke color by special order.  Special order colors are not returnable unless there is a defect in workmanship.  See Return policy.

How much is shipping?

Shipping can only be determined at checkout.  Shipping prices vary depending on where the product is shipped to.


How do I install the deflectors?

Click to download: Deflector Assembly Instructions


WindAways Texas warrants your wind deflectors to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Parts found to be defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

This warranty does not cover scratched, warped or burned wind deflector screens.  WindAways-Texas will not be responsible for any damage or injury due to alteration of our bracket design.

Damaged parts are to be returned, shipping prepaid, with proof of purchase, to WindAways Texas.  Please call for mailing address and return authorization.

Parts, including wind deflector screens found to be defective will be repaired or replaced and returned to the original purchaser with shipping paid by WindAways Texas. WindAways Texas will not be responsible for broken or shattered existing windshields.