The Story of WindAways Texas

The original Wind Away Inc. first started producing wind deflectors in 1998.  That company was owned and operated by Norman Deising in New York.  Although the company ran for nearly 14 years, it was dissolved in 2012, when Norman had to devote his full attention to the main family business, Deising Bakery in Kingston, New York.

WindAways Texas purchased all inventory and assets in September, 2016.  WindAways Texas provides clamp on (No Drilling Required) wind deflectors to the general boating public.

Based in Houston, TX, WindAways Texas is owned by Jeannette and Patrick Smith.  We are avid boaters and had looked high and low to find wind deflectors that would mount without drilling additional holes in our boat.   After much searching we found the WindAway wind deflector.  Exactly what we were looking for.  Not knowing at the time that the original company had closed, we were finally able to contact the owners and get the necessary parts to construct a pair of Wind Away deflectors for our boat.  We talked to Norman for several months and came to an agreement to purchase the inventory and other assets.  Thus, WindAways-Texas was born.

Our goal is to provide the general boating public with a quality product that will last for years and make your boating adventures better than ever.

If you have any questions about WindAways wind deflectors please contact us at: info@windaways-texas.com or call 346-314-9742.